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Botanical consulting & Landscape concept plan @ SUQAAM PARK – SAUDI ARABIA (R.416)

28 gennaio 2015 | categoria: Portfolio | autore: Studio Rigolli |
  • Tipologia
    parco pubblico
  • Anno
  • Luogo
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Tipo di Costruzione
  • Dimensioni
    4762000 sqm
  • Inclinazione
  • Accessibilità


The creation of the park plans to rebuild in a consistent environmental elements capable of generating positive responses to psychological and physical and emotional level (Therapeutic Landscape), according to archetypal patterns taken from the studies in the literature and ongoing trials in various parts of the world.


The project design and its implementation are driven by criteria widely studied and applied in the context of different "schools of thought" international and interact with the user in a process of health promotion structured response mechanisms at the physical, mental and emotional level. The techniques and principles applied are the result of long-term studies developed in various parts of the world by groups of study and experimentation from disciplines often very different and distant from each other; their combination is a matter of absolute world novelty.
The future park will be organized by routes and environments specifically designed following the directions offered by the most interesting and sensitive studies in the field of medicine and psychology that encourage environmental awareness in the stationing green areas with certain modes (Forest Bathing), in addition to the practical applications of the most innovative studying the biological effects of electromagnetic interaction (commonly called energy) man-tree (Bioenergetic Landscape).

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