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Landscape concept @ 2018 FIFA stadium, Russia (R.412)

29 luglio 2013 | categoria: Portfolio | autore: Studio Rigolli |
  • Tipologia
  • Anno
  • Luogo
  • Tipo di Costruzione
    Urban area
  • Dimensioni
    389000 sq. m.
  • Inclinazione
    0° - 45°
  • Accessibilità


The urban plan of the new stadium, close to main roads, allows a clear distinction between intended uses: the northern zone is dedicated to vehicle access and parking, while the southern zone provides scope for green areas with aesthetic/recreational functions...


The plot has an area of 38.9 hectares and is prevalently flat. The stadium project, completely transforms the surrounding area. Apart from the platform upon which it rises, it is connected to ground level with a system of ramps, green areas and pedestrian walkways. These revolve around the platform with flat areas, slopes and zones at varying heights. They redesign the context with a tectonic landscape that transfers onto the flat area the harsh spatial fractures of the stadium cladding.

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